Do you want to trip to Cuba for your holidays?

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How to book on Trip to Cuba?

In Trip to Cuba you can book all your vacations easily. First, enter your trip information in the search engine. Compare between the options that the platform shows you and select the one that best suits you from the Book button. Enter the passenger data, select your payment method and complete the required information. Finally, click on Pay again and voila!

You will receive your Vouchers by mail so you can start enjoying your trip once it is confirmed.

Required Documentation

To book with Trip to Cuba you can do so by indicating your billing information (or your company), and if you do it on behalf of another person, you will be asked for the name of the driver or passenger at the time of concluding.

Before traveling, check the details of your reservation at My Account to verify that all the details are correct. This includes the stops, connections, tours and stops you make during your trip.

If a minor travels alone or accompanied, he must have a mandatory authorization to leave the country.

Can you cancel or modify a reservation?

In Trip to Cuba you can manage the change or cancellation of a reservation, although keep in mind that some suppliers or rates do not allow it or charge an additional cost for doing so.

On flights, hotels and cars, you can only make changes with the same provider. You can also cancel a reservation for all or some of the passengers. What you cannot do is change of ownership to another person.

Remember to check the change and cancellation policies of your reservation in our Terms and Conditions.

Why choose Trip to Cuba?

Trip to Cuba is a travel agency with several years of experience, recognized and recommended by thousands of travelers from all over the continent. Take advantage of our travel offers and promotions and travel the entire world.

Book your trip on Trip to Cuba from the web, or by our phone: +34 621 05 83 38 or +1 (305) 560 62 29.

Do you have questions or need help? You can call us at all times to the customer service center and travel with the confidence of knowing that we are with you.

Doubts? We will answer them, but you can contact us

In all of our trip to Cuba we offer a personalized and special service, ideal if you want to have a perfect vacation, we adapt to your needs and put your needs first. In addition, we have designed our platform so that you only worry about looking for what you want, or just for us to do it for you and only enjoy your trips to Cuba.

Of course yes! Our payment method has multi-currency technology, so if your currency is different from ours, you can make the payment without any complications.

Yeah sure. We have currently developed a platform that will allow you to include the services you are offering, and have reservations and receive income for them.

As a recommendation we always suggest that you read our Terms y Conditions. We work as suppliers, and we always do what is necessary to provide a quality service. In addition your reservation is paid automatically that the service is confirmed, you will have the guarantee that it has been confirmed and paid from the moment you receive the Voucher.

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